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The SLE5528 is a standard, low-cost EEPROM memory smartcard with 1Kbyte storage space. I t is a protected smart card that consists of 1,024 bytes of EEPROM memory. After eight successive incorrect entries the error counter will block any subsequent attempt at PSC verification and hence any possibility to write and erase. It is no doubt that gives a sense of secure for the users.

Reading of the whole memory is always possible, and the memory can be written and erased byte by byte. The SLE5528 memory card is ISO7816 compatible, with slim card sizes (around 86 x 54 x 0.76 mm) that offer users a sense of convenience. The card is always ready for offset printing and silkscreen printing, with the data retention is up to 10 years long.

The typical applications for the memory card includes access control, staff attendance, transport payment, personal identification etc.


  • Contact interface
  • 1024 x 8-bit EEPROM organization of Data Memory
  • 024 x 1-bit Protection Memory
  • Byte-wise write protection of Data Memory
  • Not alterable Manufacturer Code for unique identification of application
  • Data Memory alterable only after verification of 2 Byte Programmable Security Code (PSC)
  • Advanced CMOS-technology optimised for security layout
  • SLE 5528 is 100% functional compatible to SLE 4428
  • ID-1(Full Size)
  • Material: PVC
  • No printing


  • Access Control
  • e-Purse & Loyalty

Manuals / Datasheets for SLE5528

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